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Guyabano, also known as graviola and soursop, has been used all around the world as a remedy for several common ailments. Indigenous people would use the plant to help support immune function when ill, to reduce stress and promote relaxation as a remedy for insomnia, and to treat digestive problems.* No doubt there are many uses for Graviola, but the one that is getting the most attention these days is its ability to fight infections.*

Research has shown that the active ingredients in Graviola are effective against a number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites in test tubes.* In the same way, the plant has also even been effective against certain types of cancer cells.* Human testing has yet to be performed and we suggest conducting you own research and speaking to your physician before utilizing this against any infection.

Our Graviola

Our Graviola supplement is made from 100% pure, high quality Graviola Leaf extract. We use Graviola leaf extract to maximize the benefit our product can provide to you. Without the unnecessary portions of the leaf, our Graviola is much more potent than others.

Through several quality, purity and potency tests, we make sure that there is nothing but pure Graviola going into our capsules. Where others might sacrifice quality to cut costs, we don’t. Everytime you take our Graviola, you can be certain that you’re getting nothing but the best.

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