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Who We Are as a Company

VG Wellness thinks of wellness in the context of the whole person.

Our Story

VG Wellness was born from the mission of helping people everywhere live healthier and more meaningful lives. All that we do revolves around this focus.

The VG Wellness mission runs very deep. VG Wellness was founded by healthcare professionals–a surgeon and physical therapist. The founders began this company with the sole purpose to help others live better, offering superior wellness products through our unique sales system.

We aim to empower all those that we meet by making our products affordable and sustainable. We refuse to compromise as a provider of wellness products.

The Mission

We are here to empower all of our stakeholders with the ability to lead healthier lives by marketing superior wellness products, offering a unique financial opportunity, and spreading knowledge of health and wellness.

The Vision

Our vision is the cultivate a network of wellness-minded people who are educated, empowered, and help others to do the same.

Our Story

We care about people and their ability to thrive. Our aim is to educate and change lives. VG Wellness believes in taking a proactive and preventative approach to health by living a healthy, active lifestyle. If you are healthy then you will feel better and think better; the whole of life will get better.

VG Wellness was founded by two healthcare professionals, a surgeon and physical therapist, who aimed to create opportunities for those looking to better their lives. Our company provides 100% natural dietary supplements and wellness products.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Nonoy C. Famisaran

Nonoy Famisaran is a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines and is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Allied Health (B.S. in Physical Therapy). He has over 20 years of experience as a corporate Rehabilitation Director for skilled nursing homes and facilities. Nonoy helped to establish a rehabilitation company from the ground up that is now one of the largest and most successful rehabilitation contracting companies in California.

Nonoy enjoys being a Physical Therapist, but his true passion is in business, and he has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. Nonoy states that he gets his greatest satisfaction when he ignites energy and enthusiasm into the minds of others and helps them to achieve success in health and other areas of their lives.

Nonoy and his wife, Michele, are the parents of four grown children and three grandchildren.