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Healing Habits

Healing Habits

The 7 Habits for Healthy Living

Healing Habits

Getting and staying healthy isn’t about taking a miracle food product; health is acquired by cultivating a certain lifestyle. Though we fully believe in our nutritional supplements and products, because they provide an efficient way to take in more nutrition, we also believe a person needs to transform their life and habits to truly enjoy health.

The list you see here includes seven essential habits for creating and sustaining health. Some may argue that more habits could be added, but this is one place to start–a really great place to begin cultivating healthy behaviors. Each of these habits is relatively straightforward. If done individually, they may not make much of a difference in your health. However, the combination of these seven habits is more powerful than each one pursued alone.

We challenge you to take these seven healing habits and make them your own. But, don’t stop there! Once you’ve mastered these and incorporated each one as a life habit then do more research. Keep looking for more ways to improve your health!

Stop It!

We all have unfortunate habits that compromise physical health. Some of us smoke or perhaps drink excessively, and some reach for that extra slice of pie. Whatever it is, you’re strong enough to Stop It!
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Water sustains life, and yet few people drink enough of it! Almost all of our bodily functions require water. Shouldn’t we prioritize adequate, optimal hydration?
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Sweat a Little

Don’t be afraid of a little sweat! Consistent exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. If you haven’t exercised in a while, just do what you can today. Start slowly. A little is always better than none. Then, build up your routine over time.
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Catch More ZZZs

America is one of the most sleep-deprived nations in the world. Sleep deprivation causes a number of health complications, and it affects mood and overall happiness.
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Clean Up Your Plate

You’ve heard it before, you are what you eat. If you decide to eat junk, you can expect to feel like junk. Junk food is easy to get and hard to resist. But that good, high-quality food will be satisfying once you wean yourself from the junk.
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Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine are essential for health. Humans are designed to be outside, to be in nature. Although we have built towns and comfortable homes, we still need to enjoy the healing powers of nature on a regular basis. (Don’t forget sunscreen!)
Get Out!

Believe in Something

Humans are emotional beings and we have big, meaningful questions. A connection to something bigger than ourselves is essential. It helps to relieve stress, increases happiness, and makes us more productive. Some people find this in religion. Others find it in meditation. We encourage you to find something for yourself.