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Menopause Tea

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Herbal Menopause Tea

Enjoy relief from hot flashes and more!

Try our herbal menopause support tea for women!

VG Wellness’ menopause tea for women is an all-natural herbal drink that contains organic ingredients and is quite delicious! Our herb and black cohosh tea features a fresh peach flavor and a touch of cinnamon, refreshing and soothing all at once. Enjoy our caffeine-free hot flash tea at any time of day without losing sleep or feeling jittery. 

  • Organic Eleuthero Root:  Helps with night sweats and boosts energy.
  • Organic Red Clover:  Helps to decrease hot flashes.
  • Organic Ginkgo Leaf:  Helps to improve memory and enhance mood.
  • Organic Licorice Root:  Helps to decrease hot flashes and increase estrogen.
  • Organic Black Cohosh:  Helps to decrease hot flashes and enhance mood.
  • Organic Cinnamon Granules:  Helps to protect your heart.
  • Natural Peach Flavor:  Balances out the cup and enhances the overall taste profile.

This delicious herb and  black cohosh tea for menopause can be served hot or cold, plain or with a touch of honey or lemon! Order your hot flash tea for women today! 

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