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Believe In Something

Faith makes you stronger

VG Wellness was founded by people who come from a Christian background and have a deep unshakable faith in God. For us, this is an essential element in all that we do. It strengthens us when we are weak and encourages us to do good. Our faith is something we are very proud of as it has led to where we are today.

We do understand that many do not have the background that we do, but we still feel strongly that faith is an essential element in building a complete person. If you are lacking in this area try giving some mediation, prayer or even worship a try. Taking time out of your day to let go and just be present is a great stress relief and has many cognitive benefits.

Killer habits

Benefits of meditation:

Frequent meditation has shown to help boost your immune system. When your body is more relaxed, the immune system is less taxed during normal days allowing it to be stronger when you start to fall ill.

Mediation helps calm the central nervous system. A calm central nervous system allows for deeper breathing, slowed heart rater, lower blood pressure and a general feeling of wellbeing. 

The stress relief experienced during and after meditation has huge affects on your brain. When you’re less stressed and feel more calm, you brain actually functions more clearly.

You've made it!

That’s it! You’ve seen all 7 habits. From quitting unhealthy habits to believing, you’re on your way to leading a better, healthier life.
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