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Stop It!

Stop It!

Conquer your unhealthy habits.

Smoking, drug use, excessive drinking and overeating are some of the most common killers in America. These three unhealthy habits can cause cancer, heart disease, organ failure and even death. Though you may think that one cigarette, one more beer or one more piece of pie wont hurt, but its exactly this type of thinking that does the most damage.

If you were to have just one cigarette a day, or one extra beer, for an entire year that puts you at 365 cigarettes and 365 extra beers. The consequence of each of those choices compounds over the year making you that much more unhealthy, not to mention the financial loss from supporting that habit.

Killer habits

Simple tips for quitting

Take it out!

Whatever it is you’re trying to quit, remove all signs of it from your daily life. If you’re wanting to stop smoking don’t have cigarettes readily accessible. If you can’t get them easily, it’ll be easier to stay away from temptation. Same goes for junk food, alcohol and whatever else you’re trying to quit.

Tell someone

When you tell someone that you are planning to do something they can help you stay accountable. Saying the words out loud to another person helps you commit to the idea of quitting. After all, you don’t want to be that person who can’t keep their word!

Replace it

Some people find that replacing their bad habit with something good helps them take their mind of the temptation and ultimately stop the bad habit all together. You can try all sorts of things, exercise is always a good release and will help balance your body’s hormone production and cravings.

Write it down

Writing down your goals is always a great way to conquer them; it makes them more real. Additionally, you can make a list of the reasons why you want to quit and read them everyday to remind yourself.

Free resources


Don’t go alone

Bad habits can be a very tough thing to beat. You don’t have to go it alone. There are tons of free resources and support out there. We encourage you to find help and wholly devote yourself to take the next step in getting healthier.

You can usually find some resources or support groups by doing a quick google search. Just input what your are trying to do (ie. quit smoking) and the name of the city you live in. If you’re still needing help, reach out to us and we can help you find something.

Don't Stop Now!

Check out our next tip on Healthy Living. Though getting rid of unhealthy habits is a great start, you’re not done yet! Keep reading, your body will thank you.
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