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Moringa Oil

Organic Moringa Oil

100% Pure; no additives, no carrier oils, no fragrance added.

What is it good for?

Moringa Oil has a multitude of health benefits. It is a great moisturizer and healing agent for dry, damaged skin and is also great when used on minor cuts and abrasions. Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants and is known to be antiseptic. Because of its antioxidant and fatty acid profile, Moringa oil has been used in beauty and anti-aging applications.

Use our 100% Organic Moringa Oil on you hair, skin and nails or even try it in your next bath.

Bottled in America

100% Organic

100% Pure

Cold Pressed

High in Oleic Acid

No Chemicals. No Preservatives. No Fragrances. Nothing Unnatural.

What separates our Moringa Oil from the rest?

Moringa Oil isn’t terribly hard to find. Many online retailers are beginning to supply it, however many of these retailers are selling low quality Moringa Oil. Often times the oil they are selling is not organic, is expeller pressed, is bottled in low quality clear plastic and purity is not guaranteed.

With VG Wellness’s Organic Moringa Oil is nothing like this. When selecting a supplier for our oil, we made sure that quality was never sacrificed from seed to oil. Our oil is:

  • Organic
  • Cold pressed
  • Manually bottled in amber glass
    • to ensure purity and retention of the oil’s nutrient/antioxidant profile
  • 100% Pure
    • not diluted with other oils or fragrances

How should I use it?

You can use the Moringa oil at anytime, on any part of your body that needs some extra moisture. Works great on:body-balm-app-web

  • Chapped lips
  • Frizzy, dry hair
  • Dry, cracked cuticles
  • Elbows
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Face
  • Face, as an aftershave
  • Dry patches


Apply a small amount to area you wish to treat. Allow several minutes for product to absorb. Best when used directly after the shower or on clean, recently washed skin.

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Organic Moringa Oil