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Car Bonus
VG Wellness Car Bonus Program
To be Car Bonus Qualified you must be an ACTIVE IBO & have 16 Car Bonus Points.  This is a monthly calendar qualification program.  There is NO carryover of points into the next month.
Car Bonus points are accrued by new IBO Signups in your organization.

Silver              .5
Gold               1
Platinum       2

If you have a downline IBO car qualified you must have 11 points outside of that leg to also be Car Bonus Qualified.
If you have 2 downline IBO’s car qualified (must be in different legs) you must have 6 points outside of the 2 legs to be Car Bonus Qualified.
If you have 3 downline IBO’s car qualified (must be in different legs) you are fully qualified
Every month you are car qualified per above qualifications, you receive a $500 Car Bonus check or a Freedom Bonus check.
Your car must be 3 years new and have a car payment.  A luxury car (Lexus, BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes Benz) can be 5 years or newer.  VG Wellness will pay you a monthly car bonus check as per qualifications above. You must fill out the Car Bonus Application on the following page & send us all required documents.
Once your VG Wellness business grows to 500 active IBO’s, and maintain that number, you are fully Car Qualified without having to produce any new IBO’S.  Your Car Bonus will increase to $750 per month for life, as long as you have a verified car payment.
Freedom Bonus Option
If you do not have a car payment you can opt for the $300 Freedom Bonus Option instead.  The point qualifications are the same as the Car Bonus, except you will receive $300 instead of $500 since you are not driving a VG Wellness car.