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VG7 – What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

When we started our company, we knew we wanted to bring health and wellness to the public for various reasons. Our goal has always been to help people live a more meaningful and healthy life. By providing supplements that target specific needs, we hope to fill in the gaps that so many of us have because of our busy lives. While it’s ideal to have all your nutritional needs met through a balanced diet, we understand it’s not always possible. According to the CDC, over half the population over the age of 20 use dietary supplements for a variety of reasons. Supplement use was also found to increase with age.

When creating our flagship product, VG7, we chose each fruit and vegetable for a specific reason. We also wanted to provide a product that was as pure as possible. This allows each person taking it to have the most benefit from each component, instead of taking fillers that didn’t do anything. We purposely kept ingredients in their purest form, contains 0 fillers, and have a 100% natural and vegan capsule.

What exactly is in our VG7 and makes it our #1 seller? Besides providing antioxidants and that extra nutrition many of us need, it’s also a good source of fiber*. But let’s take a closer look at our 7 key ingredients!

  • Moringa
    • Known around the world as the Miracle Tree, moringa is quickly making a name for itself as a nutritious superfood and for good reason. Besides being a powerhouse antioxidant*, it also offers many other great benefits
    • 7 times the vitamin C found in oranges*
    • 4 times the calcium found in milk and twice the protein*
    • 4 times the vitamin A found in carrots*
    • 3 times the potassium found in bananas*
    • 3 times the iron found in almonds*
    • Also packed with amino acids, the building blocks of protein*
  • Mangosteen
    • Not only is mangosteen delicious in its fresh form, it also provides an array of essential nutrients*
    • Naturally helps support the immune system*
    • Helps maintain intestinal health*
    • Helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate*
    • Prevents inflammation*
    • Full of antioxidants*
  • Bitter Melon
    • Rich in vitamins A, B3, B5, & B6
    • Great source of minerals
      • Iron
      • Zinc
      • Potassium
      • Manganese
      • Magnesium
    • Excellent source of flavonoids
    • Also contains momordicin, charantin, and polypeptide-P, which is used to lower blood sugar levels and helps fight type 2 diabetes*
  • Sweet Potato
    • May surprise some that something as common as a sweet potato is packed full of important nutrition!*
    • High in fiber
    • Rich is various vitamins and minerals
    • Contains beta-carotene
    • Vitamin A
    • A variety of B vitamins
  • Cayenne Pepper
    • Rich in potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B, & C
    • Also high in capsaicin, which is used to treat a variety of ailments, but mainly inflammation*
  • Taro
    • Excellent source of essential B complex vitamins, thiamin (B1), and niacin
    • Also a great source of iron, phosphorous, potassium, copper, manganese, and zinc
  • Papaya
    • Not only is this a yummy fruit when freshly cut up, but it’s also a great source of nutrients
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals
    • Used to help aid with digestive problems*

If you feel like you’ve been missing something in your daily life to help boost your overall health and well-being, then VG7 might be that missing piece. We would love to help support you in any way. Please reach out to us or we can connect you to one of our independent business owners (IBOs). Let’s get you on the path to health and wellness knowing you’re getting the best ingredients possible and in their purest form.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.