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FAITH & BELIEF | Healing Habits Week 7

It’s our final week of our Healing Habits campaign! I hope you learned even just one thing that can help promote a better lifestyle for yourself, whatever that may be.

This week it’s all about faith and believing in something bigger than ourselves.

I’m happy to put myself out there and let you know that I am a believer in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. In other words, I am a christian. I grew up a christian home, married one, and am raising my daughter as one. I believe that my faith in Jesus has helped me in so, so many ways. There have certianly been days where I perhaps questioned things, myself, and something bigger than me, but I have never truly lost my faith. As I have grown and matured into the wife and mother I am today, my faith is only stronger.

We at VG Wellness do understand that many do not have the background that we do, but we still feel strongly that faith is an essential element in building a complete person. If you are lacking in this area try giving some mediation, prayer or even worship a try. Taking time out of your day to let go and just be present is a great stress relief and has many cognitive benefits.

I recently found an article on faith and 5 reasons why it can be so important and vital to an individual. Below they are listed very briefly, but please do read the full article to get a better understanding.

  1. The focused power of faith breeds abundance
  2. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  3. Faith helps you to discover your purpose in life
  4. Faith trumps stress, anxiety, and fear
  5. It acts as the pathway to finding solutions

If you have read or heard anything of the Blue Zones then you may know that one of the key parts is to belong to something. By this, they mean that by living within a faith based community, it can significantly increase your lifespan by more than a decade! Not only that, but having a sense of purpose can also positively increase your lifespan.

What gives you a sense of purpose and belonging? What keeps driving you when things seem out of control or out of reach? I know for myself, I need to stop what I am doing, breath, and then pray. Sometimes it’s a quick prayer, but other times they can last a while.

Thank you so much for joining me on this 7 week journey. Again, I truly hope I have inspired you in some way to try something new and have it stick. Please continue to follow our blog and social media for any updates!